For those that know me, I am always into new technology. I blow thousands just on trying out new things. Here is one that is really cool. The best tool for high level exercise is a Heart Rate Monitor. However the goal for using it is really to get good Blood Lactic Acid Levels. This new device can supposedly measure your Blood Lactic Acid build-up levels.


3 Well known MD’s debate the 3 diets. Worth a watch. I tend to believe any diet based on whole natural foods is always the way to go. Vegetarianism is OK but the biggest issue with full Vegan is the brain changes due to a lack of certain Essential Fatty Acids. (This is why many full Vegans are a bit…. odd). Versions of a Paleo based diet are the healthiest for the majority of the American population.



The Following are links to interesting research and tidbits.  The original group was populated together but at the bottom they are dated by date of posting:

  •  “Research supports Immune Why-600”. Using Zinc within 24 hours of onset reduces duration and severity of common cold. Medscape Feb 18, 2011

  • Weight Watchers recognizes that calorie counting isn’t completely effective! A 100 calorie Apple is NOT the same as a 100 Calorie handful of cookies David Kirchoff, president of Weight

  • Cardio works better than Weight Training for getting rid of belly fat! In Fact, Weight Training isn’t needed! (click for article)

  • The “pop” you hear many times during an adjustment is not required for nervous system change. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, Volume 34, Issue 1, January 2011

  • People who walk SLOW… die sooner! Journal of the American Medical Association,  January 5, 2011

  • Posted: November 21,2013 – With all the scam push to increase statin uses, did you know they can cause depression?  Here is a lit review:


Plastic BottlesThe most common are #1 and designed for one time use. They leach Xenoestrogens which is linked to cancer and other hormonal disfucntions. #7 while they typically look nice, also do this. Especially when exposed to heat and sunlight. #2, #4 and #5 are your best for reuse; but again, don’t let your water, etc sit long or in a warm atmosphere. If you buy water that has that funky taste. Pour it out!

#1 –>polyethlyene terephthalate #2 –>high-density polyethylene #3 –>PVC polyvinyl chloride #4 –>low-density polyethylene
#5 –> polypropylene #6 –>polystyrene / expanded #7 –> resins or multi-materials

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