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The office of the Applied Kinesiology Center consists of multiple practitioners from varying disciplines working to increase everyone’s enjoyment of life. Our staff consists of Board Certified Doctors and practitioners. Below are our full time practitioners, we also affiliate with part time practitioners as well. Once people experience Professional Applied Kinesiology they usually use us as their first source in helping most conditions! The best way to heal disease is to never get it in the first place. Holistic Care can help problems once they exist, but even better, keep people from getting problems in the first place! We help strengthen immune systems, increase athletic performance and find happiness.


Our mission is simple. To help you reach your highest possible level of health
and happiness! We look to assist anyone in finding and maintaining higher and
higher levels of health and performance so you can spend more time enjoying life
from a centered perspective. Since each person’s needs are unique, we encourage
you to utilize the services which will aid you in your healing process. We want
to address the causes of problems and not just mask symptoms.
Don’t settle for acceptance of any problem! Correct it!

We are totally committed to help you achieve your goal. At the Applied
Kinesiology Center of Atlanta you will be listened to, you
will be attended to and you will feel better than when you came in.

Our Staff

AK Chiropractor / Nutritionist

Dr. John Wittle

Dr. Wittle specializes in seeing the big picture and integration of complex cases including Digestion, Emotion, Chronic and Acute Ailments.

Phone: 404-595-2193


AK Chiropractor

Dr. David Renner

Dr. Renner believes in making the world a better place by helping one person at a time.  His mission is to help people live healthy, pain-free lives.

Phone: 404-595-2344


AK Chiropractor/Acupuncturist

Dr. Melikian

Dr. Melikian’s passion for alternative medicine stems from her own experience.  As a teenager, she injured her knee and endured severe, unrelenting knee pain and swelling for years.



Applied Kinesiology Center
17A Lenox Pointe NE
Atlanta, GA 30324

Phone: 404-634-0201
FAX: 833-594-1090


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