• Do you accept insurance?
  • Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?
  • Do you take or require Xrays?
  • What is involved in a first visit?
  • What should I wear to my visit with Dr. Wittle?
  • How often do I need to come in?
  • What ages do you treat?
  • Are there people you do not treat?
  • Do you offer free consultations?
  • My MD says I need surgery, can you help?
  • My doctor says I need medications, do I?
  • Do you accept walk-in appointments?
  • I am not in Atlanta can you help me?
  • Where are you located?
  • Do you offer in-home treatment?
Do you accept insurance?

It depends. Services with Dr. Wittle are billed out for you. We are not however in any “network”. Coverage will depend on your “out-of-network” benefits which usually mean there is a deductible to satisfy. Other providers and services are not billed however you may receive a receipt to bill out yourself unless you are Medicare or Medicaid.

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

Unfortunately the answer is NO. The government bases medicine upon a disease drug model. Our services are focused on helping the body function better. Therefore the coverage is so low it is not worth the extreme amount of paperwork and control the government programs require. We may offer discounts or payment plans if you still wish to utilize our services focused on healthcare vs. disease care.

Do you take or require Xrays?

No. If you are in need of Xrays we recommend you do so through your insurance or we can refer you to Life University. They offer Xray services for amazingly low prices. For example a 3 view series might cost $35 total! You can not beat that price.

What is involved in a first visit?

With Dr. WIttle a first visit is typically 1 hour. This includes multiple exams, history as well as a treatment. Depending on the person this will alter for their needs. Acupuncture visits are 1.5 hours which also include treatment on that visit

What should I wear to my visit with Dr. Wittle?

We recommend you wear comfortable clothing that can stretch. Commonly you might need to have your legs put in all sorts of positions as well as arms. Workout clothing works great too. If you happen to wear a skirt we can drape a gown over you for privacy. Please always wear underwear of some fashion.

How often do I need to come in?

This completely depends upon your specific case. However, our goal is to see you as infrequently as possible. We do not believe in the models of seeing people multiple times per week, rather we want to help correct problems, check and treat only when needed. Commonly we see people once per week in the very beginning stages and often see people after that every 3-6 weeks. We do recommend getting evaluated quarterly minimally as we live stressful, active lives and it is better to keep things great than have to recover later.

What ages do you treat?

We treat humans of all ages and problems. Dr Wittle has treated 2 week olds up to 98 year olds. We occasionally will treat animals but that is not a primary focus of our practice.

Are there people you do not treat?

Yes, when people are going through certain types of allopathic care for cancer, organ transplants, etc. It is not appropriate to help the body heal as it contradicts the other medical procedure. We might be able to assist after that is completed. Please contact us for specific cases.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes and no. In over 15 years in private practice we find people want a consultation and then want immediate treatment. If you have questions we are happy to discuss over the phone or in person. There are times Dr. Wittle will evaluate someone and refer or recommend alternative therapy instead. In this case it is free or minimal charges. Our goal is to help you get the best care even if we do not provide that. Integrity and honesty are vital to our mission.

My MD says I need surgery, can you help?

It likely depends on the specific situation. Many studies show people are worse off after certain surgeries than before they did it. Dr. Wittle has had countless people over the years that were told surgery was the only option yet were brought back to health without going that direction. Unfortunately there are doctors out there who are very ignorant to what can be accomplished with gentle methods and common sense natural healthcare. We believe natural first, then medications and surgery as the last resort.

My doctor says I need medications, do I?

This depends upon the specific situation. As an example: Any doctor who tells you that your cholesterol should be as low as possible is obviously clueless. The brain itself is made of cholesterol as are your steroid hormones like Cortisol, Testosterone, Estrogen, etc. It is a vital part of our bodies that drug companies have convinced major medicine as bad. This does not mean you ignore very high cholesterol however. There is definitely a place for drugs, however they are extremely over-prescribed and end up causing many more problems in so many cases. Drugs stop function in most cases, we attempt to correct or enhance function naturally.

Do you accept walk-in appointments?

No. We are by appointment only since we need to focus on the individual. Typically we can accept a new patient within 1-2 weeks max.

I am not in Atlanta can you help me?

Yes. Our office has been honored to see patients from all over the world. However in many cases we might be able to recommend someone closer once we know your specific situation. Some things like nutrition and other advice can be done from phone or video as technology has changed. Obviously hands-on requires just that but we can alter care for those who are very inconvenient.

Where are you located?

As we see so many people of different issues our goal of location was to be accessible. We are located right off I-85 in Atlanta GA near the Lenox/Buckhead area. We are convenient to all Metro and outlying regions and the Atlanta airport is the biggest hub in the USA. Peachtree-Dekalb (PDK) airport is a private airport as well, which is even more convenient.

Do you offer in-home treatment?

There have been occasions when we will go to someone if they are unable to come to us in special circumstances.

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