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August 30, 2013 by John Wittle0

Should I take supplements if my budget is tight?

SupplementsSo many people are struggling financially and in attempt to save costs they stop taking supplements or switch to generic/mass brands. Products like your everyday multi are garbage! They are a complete WASTE of money. If the budget is extremely tight, it is better to take lower doses of high end products than think you are saving money on store brands. Think of this: The most expensive supplements are ones that do nothing for you, not the ones that help you keep a healthy brain and body.


What is your opinion about Quick Weight-loss and Weight Watcher Programs?

Both have come a long way in the past few years. They have moved towards recognizing that Carbs are not all the same. Whole Veggies, meats, whole fruits are the way to go. A Paleolithic diet is the best thing so using a system including that is perfectly fine. Don’t buy their supplements and Food Packages products though! They are very low quality and a waste of money. There are much higher quality options available.

Can I take my vitamins once per day?

Unfortunately while it is convenient, the answer is NO. Some vitamins like fish oil or vitamin D can be taken once, as they have long half lives (don’t break down quickly) and could even be taken further apart. However things like Folic Acid, Lipoic Acid, B-12 etc.. burn up quickly or are excreted. This is why it is best to take your B vitamins etc at least 2x/day and multi’s usually best 1 cap 3x/day. This is assuming you are taking a high quality vitamin like Thorne’s Basic series.

Is Vitamin D really that big of a deal?

Yes, Yes and Yes! Vitamin D has been linked to helping blood sugar, hormone balancing, bone strength, autoimmune conditions, allergies, and more… In fact I am coming to realize most people should take a separate Vitamin D. But D is not all equal. Most prescription D’s are Vit D2 ergocalciferol which is not desirable. Vitamin D3 cholecalciferol is the one you want. I primarily use 3 brands in the office. Important to note: You can get too much Vitamin D, it needs to be tested every so often to determine how sensitive you are and learn your proper dose.

Should I buy orthodics?

It depends. If you have reasonably good feet, getting your feet and arches balanced through PAK treatments is all you should need. However bad genetic feet and people who spend their days on hard surfaces (ex: retail positions) probably do benefit from wearing orthodics in those shoes. DON’T get hard plastic orthodics. Orthodics should have some flex for 90% of people. I like custom made foot levelers over most brands since I can get them at significant savings for you (typically 50-65% off retail)

How much should I walk?

Various sources say 10,000 steps a day is optimal. This equates to around 4-5 miles per day. Since most people walk just under 20 minutes per mile, a good place to start is to try and walk for 1 hour total per day NOT including your normal daily activities. You will feel better. Get the family out morning or night for a daily stroll.

My doctor wants to prescribe me fish oil, should I take it?

Lovaza is a prescription pharmaceutical fish oil! DON’T take it. Natural fish oil can be gotten in close concentration without having been synthetically altered with unknown consequences. Natural fish oil is MUCH cheaper too!’

Are whole food supplements better than other ones?

– This is tricky to answer. Good quality whole food is always a great way to get your nutrition. However “whole food” supplements are usually just whole food based and then contain synthetics and other fillers. It comes down to the specifics in them and the price. Taking a high quality supplement with food seems to be the best way to go. Research seems to show that blended products get the best results too. A true whole food product would be something like Greens first.

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