gibbsgardenSo spring has finally arrived after a cold and very wet winter.  Like most, you have likely become more sedentary and stiff than in past years.  Here are 5 simple tips to get you back into shape without causing new injuries:

1) Take it slow and steady!  Better to have a few shorter or slower workouts rather than overdo it and hurt yourself.  Check out runkeeper a cool and free app for your smartphone.

2) Fitness and Health are 2 different things.  Now is a great time to clean up your diet and take high quality nutrition to enhance recovery and easily shed some pounds too.  Stay away from Gluten, sugars and refined products.  Good veggies are now available from local markets and get some good quality fats in your diet too.

3) Most people who injure themselves already have something out of balance before they in fact get “injured”.  Plenty of tennis elbows, low back spasms, knee and foot issues are from prior imbalances that flare when exercise is started.  While I am biased, see a Professional Applied Kinesiologist or health oriented provider to clear out some underlying issues.  This is especially important since many injuries occur do to imbalances in other systems or parts of the body.

4) Drink Water!  So many health issues can be resolved just from being properly hydrated.  Graze drink water in between meals.  Try and get 1 Qt per 50 pounds of body weight.  Stay away from soda’s including the horrible “diet” versions.  Cold dry air causes people to not sweat and likely dehydrate without even knowing it.

5) Get sleep!  We recover and heal when we sleep.  As you increase your exercise you will need more sleep to recover.  Many cyclists, tennis enthusiasts and similar multi-hour athletes usually need about an extra 1.5 hours of sleep to recover.

Be safe, Have Fun and use that one thing we seem to always forget “Common Sense”

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