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Quality nutrition is essential. For convenience we offer an online shop. Everything on this site is of the best quality for the best cost effectiveness. Feel free to email specific questions.


Our Mission

At Applied Kinesiology, we help you reach your highest possible level of health and happiness. We assist anyone in finding and maintaining higher and higher levels of health and performance so you can spend more time enjoying life!

Since each person’s needs are unique, we encourage you to utilize the services which will aid you in your healing process. We want to address the causes of problems and not just mask symptoms. Don’t settle for acceptance of any problem! Correct it!

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We are totally committed to help you achieve your goal. At the Applied Kinesiology Center Acupuncture Center of Atlanta you will be listened to, you will be attended to and you will feel better than when you came in.

Clinic Director

Dr. John Wittle’s goal is to help people in any way we can, whether it be personal care, nutrition goals, pain management or merely consultation.

We are convenient to anywhere in the Atlanta Georgia area although clients have come from all over the country and internationally to see us.

Our office incorporates practitioners from multiple specialties in order to most effectively help people achieve better health. In addition to our full time practitioners we offer Upledger Cranio-Sacral and massage.