When travelling and lecturing around the world I commonly get this question:  “How do I find a good doctor?”  The answer is quite simple but finding one can be difficult.

While I do have patients that fly hundreds of miles to see me, most can usually get great care closer to home.  This blog covers finding any doctor too, not just Applied Kinesiologists or holistic doctors.

1) Pick a doctor that you believe in.  If you dont respect your doctors ability, it is time to find someone new.

2) A good doctor is not a popularity contest, however you need to agree with his professional vision and advice for the body.

3) Doctors hate to say they “dont know”.  Be wary of a doctor that you find dismisses therapies when in fact they dont know what on earth they are talking about!  I am still amazed at how many patients we help resolve neck pain issues through chiropractic who spent months with orthopedists and neurologists who said: “whatever you do, dont see a chiropractor”.  Note to all docs: if you are not helping your patient, then they need something else!  A good doctor knows their limits and is open to new things.

4) I have a big pet peeve with doctors who are all about the business.  You want a doctor that cares about you and your health!  Not just until your health insurance runs out.  Be very wary of a doctor that wants to sell you long term packages with hundreds of visits.  If he is good, why would you need so many visits?  I used to tell people, if we cant significantly help your problem in 3 visits we are wasting our time.  I am being completely honest when I say there are very few times that ever happened in 12 years.  (that doesn’t mean people can return to health in 3 visits, but by then you usually have a good idea of what is the issue and a plan to help it)

5) In holistic health-care we always say, non-invasive first, then drugs then surgery.  Be wary of the doctor that wants to drug first, then surgery, THEN something natural.  I can not tell you how many people have had carpal tunnel surgery that was not necessary.  Their problem came from a neck or shoulder problem that was very easy to correct without cutting and causing permanent problems.  Yes, there are cases that need surgery, but I would guess 5% of those performed.

6) Medical Doctors specialize in medicine.  Let them help from that direction.  Be careful of holistic MD’s merely from their statements.  Just because they know one thing does not make them qualified in natural medicine.  I find so many women problematic from their OB/Gyn’s pushing Calcium.  They take a ton of low quality calcium and then end up with terrible Magnesium deficiencies causing even more issues.  There are some good holistic MD’s, just dont trust

Now regarding AK (Applied Kinesiology) Doctors specifically.

1) Anyone can say they are an AK Doctor, make sure they really are a doctor!

2) Many doctors say they do AK when in fact they use much more basic muscle testing methods.  While some may still be good, we are trying to give basic advice here.

3) In the USA, looking for someone who is a PAK (Professional Applied Kinesiologist) is a better chance to find someone who really cares about continuing education and is up to date on methods.  The term PAK is trademarked so not anyone can actually use it.

4) A real AK doctor can usually do a good job at explaining why things are happening and how to treat it.  Do not just trust that you need $800/month of nutrition unless you really do!  (you dont by the way!)

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