Blood Analysis for Functional Medicine




How often to doctors run blood work and tell you everything is “normal”. What is normal however? Almost all blood values are actually based upon an average of the population in the region. SO if you live in an area of obese, diabetic, unhealthy people, you might think your numbers are “normal” when if fact it is only compared to the other unhealthy people around you. The reality is that optimal numbers are a much smaller range than what is considered within normal range. By the time numbers are outside laboratory ranges something pathological and serious could be wrong. This spreadsheet with easy to input values will show optimal, out of optimal and out of lab ranges both above and below in an immediate, easy color coded chart. Another benefit is that blood is only a moment in time. While that can give an understanding of the human situation, blood is most beneficial when it can be charted. In my 20 years of holistic medicine I have had plenty of times that a patient’s blood looked terrible on the surface. However if you compared it to 6 months earlier they were actually doing great. On addition to tracking optimal ranges and of the major blood values can be easily charted to exactly see trending such as thyroid, vitamin D, iron, and any value desired. This inexpensive tool is helpful for anyone who every runs blood work either often or sporadically. A final benefit is that since all the major values exist you can also see if something is missing. Way too often women will get yearly blood work without vitamin D, or ferritin for example. If you can see that after 5 blood tests something wasn’t run, it helps make aware if something has been missed.


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