Thorne L-Carnitine 60 capsules

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Thorne L-Carnitine helps convert fat to energy. It is an important amino acid for heart and skeletal muscle function.* It also helps maintain healthy triglyceride levels and supports a normal sperm count.*


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Cardiac muscle, also called the myocardium, is one of three major categories of muscles found within the human body, along with smooth muscle and skeletal muscle. Cardiac muscle, like skeletal muscle, is made up of sarcomeres that allow for contractility. However, unlike skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle is under involuntary control.

The heart is made up of three layers—pericardium, myocardium, and endocardium. The endocardium is not cardiac muscle. It is comprised of simple squamous epithelial cells and forms the inner lining of the chambers of the heart and valves. The pericardium is a fibrous sac surrounding the heart, consisting of the epicardium, pericardial space, parietal pericardium, and fibrous pericardium.

The cardiac muscle must contract with enough force and enough blood to supply the metabolic demands of the entire body. This concept is termed cardiac output and is defined as heart rate x stroke volume. It is determined by the contractile forces of the cardiac muscle and the frequency at which they are activated.




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