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Atlanta is the pollen capital of the world.  We hold the world record and surpass it year after year.  Now Atlanta does have the highest pollen anywhere?  Probably not, but for areas tested it is.  For reference: pollen counts over 300 are considered extremely high and sensitive groups should stay indoors.  In Atlanta that scale is irrelevant.  We have been over 6000!

What to do?  Stay indoors?  Move?  Wear a mask?  With Professional Applied Kinesiology we have helped many people from all over the country to handle this better.  How?  Well that is simple and we don’t treat allergies either.  As George Goodheart always said: “treat the person with the problem, not the problem”!

That is how you do it!  If you have terrible problems or even minor problems with allergies and pollen, the key is to get your body functioning better, then it can handle the external stress more efficiently.

In Atlanta I have had patients so badly affected they were unable to mow their lawns even with a mask, that can now years later be outside throughout this season.  Are they perfect?  No.  But due to them knowing what their body needs and what to do for it, they can live with the rest of the world, outside in the spring.

So why all the pollen here?  Pretty much due to many many trees, and a lot of sprawl.  Atlanta is a sprawl city as there is no natural element(mountain, ocean, etc) to stop growth in all sorts of directions.  Then you end up with big open areas followed by dense tree areas.  This allows the pollen to float in the air much more than if it were just a dense forest.

This however is not the main issue.  Pollen is a very sticky substance.  Over the years treating patients in Atlanta and improving their function, I find more and more intestinal imbalances.  It was after several years that I came to a hypothesis for why this occurs.  Pollution!  Atlanta also has pretty crappy air!  The crud in the air gets trapped with the pollen.  We then breath in the pollen, and swallow it, thus swallowing pollution as well.  That ends up creating more havoc than the pollen itself!

But how do you treat pollution in the body?  Drugs?  Uhhh…. NO!  You treat it like everything else.  Treat it through finding out how to make your body healthier!  In doing that, you function better and can handle everything better!  See a pattern yet?  You will as this blog continues.

Proper Applied Kinesiology is a diagnosis method for evaluating function.  Along with traditional testing and analysis a doctor can determine what are the best ways to help the body function better.

What are some possibilities for pollen reactions?  Vitamin C, Bioflavonoids, Quercetin and Bromelain to name a few.  Bromelain is found in ripe pineapple if you want a great food source!  But more on supplements to come.  Other things to help are washing your hands, brushing off your pets and kids when coming in from outside.  Limiting your exposure on very bad days will also help.

If you function better, you will do better.  Nuf said!


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